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The Old Phoenix Foundry. Arnold Good, Charlie Rudd, Henry Raymond & Geoff Swilks. Douglas The Tree Planter. Steve Fields, Dave Carr, Dave Curtis and Jon Taylor. Music, 'Douglas The Tree planter', by Trelos Lantana. Soldier Settlers Kentucky. Len Haynes & Derek Bashford. Original composition by Gary Berryman. Odd Fellows Hall. Barry McDonald, Bill Baraclough and Richie Shanahan. Music, 'Elder Statesman', The Fiddle Music of Joe Yates. Sam Bow. Peter O'Donohue. Original composition by Gary Berryman. Mrs O'Malleys Magnificent Music Hall. Kent Mayo & Neil Free. Ossie Miller. Bill Baraclough, Doug Faulkner, Annie Hutchison & Donald McRae. Music, Mrs Howie's Mazurka by Barry McDonald. McCrossin's Mill. Kent Mayo & Peter Myers. Music, 'Come Where The Wattles Are', The Fiddle Music of Joe Yates. Criminal On A Horse. Graham Wilson, Cathy Welsford & Angie Smith. The Roxy. Sibyl Hunt, Bill Baraclough, Doug Faulkner & Bob Faulkner. Music 'Train' by Gary Berryman. Peter Phillip's Shop. Peter & Helen Phillips. Stokers. Kent Mayo. Original composition by Gary Berryman. Thunderbolt's Horses. Bill Upjohn. Uralla Cafes. Sue McGrath, John McGrath & Steve Gapes. Music, 'You're My Address', by Matthew Knights. Shearing. Bill Baraclough & Ralph Shanihan. Mrs McCrossin's Fence. Arnold Goode. Diggers Derek Bashford, Len Hayes & Bob Carlan. Soldier Settlers & Thelma McCarthy. Thelma McCarthy & Bob Carlan. Music, 'Four Strong Hands', Into My Room, by Liz Frencham & Fred Smith. Call To Arms. Bart Zino. Readings from Damian Flynn, Joe Ruddy & John Tucek. Original composition, 'Call To Arms' by Caution Horses. Mt Mutton. Arnold Goode. Sam Bow's Wedding. Reading by Valerie Milton. Original composition, 'In Connection to Mr Bow's Wedding', by Yellow Bird. West End. Les Townsend and Beverley Campbell. The Panhandle. Bob Faulkner. Here In Uralla. Field recordings by Jack Bell-Nelson. Music, 'Uralla Blues' by Spike Flynn, Rough Landing.