Gwydir Region

At the northern tip of the Liverpool plains, Gwydir Shire is a truly interesting region off the beaten track. It encapsulates open grassland, frosty highland country, glacial remains and fast flowing rivers. It is part of the great nation of the Kamilaroi people who once roamed from the Queensland border down to the Hunter. Gwydir was first settled by white Australians in the 1820s and 30s when the area was deemed to be outside the control of New South Wales government.

Stories from the Gwydir take in a broad canvas of Australian history; from black and white frontier-style conflict, to a convict workforce indentured to wealthy squatters, through to the foundations of today’s Country Women’s Association. Today the area is underpinned by farming while its two main centres – Bingara and Warialda – are iconic heritage destinations.

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