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Credits and Contributors

The making of this project would not have been possible without the support of the following: The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, the Walcha branch of Quota International, and in particular, Pam Makeham, Aurora Reilly and Mary Hoare: Walcha Council and Susie Crawford and Lisa Kirton from Walcha Visitor Information; Bob and Pam Walsh from the local historical society; local writer, John Heffernan, The Grimm Bros and Doc Span for their musical offerings, and the production and research by Hamish Sewell. We would further like to thank the many artists and locals for their support: namely, Julia Griffin, Stephen King, James Rogers, Vaclav Fiala, Peter Lundberg, Gordon Hookey, Susie and Cyril Green, Graham Barnes, Liz Gill, David Handley, Tim Fenwicke and Matt Pilkinton.

For further information visit Walcha Visitor Information Centre @