Please be warned - This Soundtrail may contain sensitive information of persons who are deceased. We apologise for any distress or offence that may be caused. Our history must be told, and this Soundtrail is one of the ways of telling it.


Freedom to swim. Narration: William Verity. Paul Riveau, Wayne Nean, Dan Munro, Alwyn Duke. Bob Brown. Charlie Perkins, Bob Brown, Mayor Bill Lloyd. All our Christmases. Wayne Nean & Darce Cassidy. That’s how life is. Eileen Cain. You can be anything you want to be. Jim Spiegelman, Alvin ‘Speedo’ Duke, Troy Cassar-Daley. Much overdue. Pat Healey, Colin Bradford. Memories of Segregation. Noeline Briggs-Smith & Fay Green. Hidden Soundfields Walgett Street. Paul Riveau, Noeline Briggs-Smith. Gosport Street. Rachel Perkins, Recordings Freedom Rides re-enactment 2015.

Photo acknowledgement Archival photos made available with the permission of Anne Curthoys. Thanks also to Sydney University (© University of Sydney / Victoria Baldwin 2015) and William Verity for Freedom Ride re-enactment photos.