Please be warned - This Soundtrail may contain sensitive information of persons who are deceased. We apologise for any distress or offence that may be caused. Our history must be told, and this Soundtrail is one of the ways of telling it.


Archdeacon Border. Noeline Briggs-Smith, Harry White, reading from Marie Reay’s Diary (Australian National University 440/#1/Items 1-18) by Helen Wilkinson, narration by Hamish Sewell. Alex Stanley. Isobel Johnson, Lyall Butterworth & Alf Scott (from Moree RSL). Fairview Nursing Home Moree. Noeline Briggs-Smith. Len Waters. Leonard Waters (nephew to Uncle Len). Percy Suey. Linda Boney, Isobel Johnson. Extremely Patriotic! Linda Boney, John Maynard. Upon Their Return. Alf Scott (from Moree RSL), John Maynard, Leonard Waters, Linda Boney, 'Friendship Road' sung by Roger Knox. At Last they’ve Been Recognised. Harry White, Noeline Briggs-Smith, ‘Prayer’ in Language spoken by Bernadette Duncan, 'Where the Roses Never Fade' sung by The Newman Sisters (originally written & sung by Norma Jean). Hidden Soundfield: Prayer and musings by Roger Knox. Also featuring Benadette Duncan and Marlene Hinch. Roger Knox sings 'Suppertime' (originally written and sung by Ira Stamphill) & 'New Normal'. 'Suppertime' also sung by Marlene Hinch.